5 Important Questions For Your Vet

We urge all pet owners to take their companions to the vet but most importantly, to learn how to ask the right questions. Here are five of these vital inquiries.

1. Is my pet at a healthy weight?

Human obesity might have the most cases, but pet obesity is just as dangerous to your little helper just as former. Your pet will only add weight if you overfeed it or present it with a poor diet. As such, you need to be stronger when your pet gives you those round, pleading eyes or sagging ears with a sad face in the hope of a slice of bacon.
Not to mention, you also need to exercise with your pet every once in a while. For starters, dogs require about thirty minutes of exercise every day. Ask us about the ideal weight for your pet and how much food should they be given. If your pet is overweight, ask us about an exercise and diet program but remember to follow it to the letter.

2. There’s this one thing my pet does that annoys me...

What most people would think is a behavioral issue in their pets could escalate into a serious problem at any moment. As such, do not shy away from asking us about a particular observation regarding your pet’s behavior. A little barking today can turn into an aggravated assault on a neighbor or your couch if your pet is not examined.
Never be afraid to ask us such a question considering even us as humans are always trying to change a thing or two in our behavior. Nipping such a problem in its early stages is key to ensuring little to no future, deep-rooted problems.

3. Is parasite protection medication necessary for my pet?

Regardless of your location, preventative drugs that aid your pet in fighting off parasitic infections are vital. Parasites such as heartworm are rampant can lead to chronic conditions such as lung disease and heart failure just to mention a few. Not to mention, there are other parasites such as nematode worms that not only affect your pet but people as well.
This parasite can even cause blindness in children if the latter comes to contact with nematode larvae. As such, we advise you to consult us regarding the best parasitical drugs for your pet, and we’ll offer the best solution depending on your home area and the parasites that are most common.

4. Does my pet need a blood test?

The answer to this question is a big yes. We understand this might be uncomfortable for some people as well as their pets but blood samples are vital for us seeing we use them to screen for many diseases including liver disease, cancer, and diabetes just to mention a few.

5. Do you offer emergency care on weekends and holidays?

Unexpected events are bound to occur every once in a while in our lives and those of our treasured pets, but some situations leave pet owners helpless. Ask us about our weekend and public holiday policy to ensure your pet doesn’t endure excruciating pain for hours on end before they receive proper treatment.


While you’re at it, don’t forget to inquire about the methods of payment and an insurance plan for your pet. Also, ask us about the vaccines your pets need and the necessity of each of them to help keep your pet healthy.

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