What you can do for your pet’s smile!

Good dental health starts at home!  Here are the things that must be done to ensure that your pet is getting the best preventative care.  Taking care of your pets teeth means taking care of their overall health and giving you more and more healthy years together.

♥At-home oral exam- Flip those gums up and take a closer look every once and in a while. That way you can notate any changes and make sure there is no tartar build up.  Don’t forget to look at the ones in the back!  This is where tartar is builds up.  Stop if you see discolored, broken teeth, inflamed gums or if your pet seems painful. Call us to schedule an exam or book an appointment HERE.  Do not start a new preventative care plan until we can assess that it will not cause more pain, discomfort, or damage to the teeth and gums.

♥Brushing your pet’s teeth- This is the is the single most effective means to prevent plaque from building up.  Bring your pet in this month for free tooth brushing demo, a free toothbrush and tooth paste sample, and free OraVet chews!

♥Oral rinses, gels, and water additives*- These are the next most effective ways to prevent plaque build-up.  We would recommend dental treats and possibly a diet specifically designed to keep plaque from building up as well. *

♥Semi Annual Wellness Exams-  Routine Exams by your veterinarian include an oral exam. Our doctors can assess if there are loose, broken, or diseased abscessed teeth, tartar build-up, and/or gingivitis.

♥Routine dental cleanings- Routine dentals prevent periodontal disease and allow a complete oral exam and dental X-rays that can detect hidden health problems.

*Warning: Be sure that whatever you use is on the Veterinary Oral Health Counsel (VOHC) Accepted Product list.  We carry a full line of accepted veterinary only products.Human products are not designed to be swallowed and can be very harmful to your pet.

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