We are now taking in person appointments!

Boarding Registration Form

Save time and fill out your boarding registration form online! This form is just for registration and does not confirm your reservation. Please contact us at 713-527-0489 with any questions or to reserve your pet’s staycation.

Available hours for boarding pick up and check-in are Monday-Friday 8am-5pm 

Please list any items that you are leaving with your pet with a brief description. While we do our best to ensure all items are returned in like condition, occasionally items are damaged or misplaced. Please do not bring any irreplaceable or sentimental items with your pet as we cannot accept responsibility for them. Please list any personal belongings that are left and a brief description of the item.

Feel free to ask about our additional Boarding Activities such as:


Individual One on One Playtime for both our Canine and Feline pets:

Playtime is a great activity for any pet staying at RVAH. It gives him/her one on one attention to play ball, Frisbee, romp around the yard, be brushed, or simply be pet. Playtime is great for any pet and makes the whole boarding experience easier on them.


Peanut Butter Snack Kong

A delicious treat. A kong filled with creamy peanut butter and biscuit, then frozen for lasting enjoyment.


Additional Daily Walks

All of our Canine boarding pets are walked a minimum of three times daily. Additional walks may be provided at the time of booking.